Nes Launch by Ryspot Design at WantedDesign

On May 18, 2019, Ryspot Design will be launching the Nes Collection at WantedDesign as a part of NYCxDesign.  Nes is a collection of designed objects focused on the beauty of imperfection.  The pieces are made without molds, making each one unique.  Craft and innovation result in organic forms that are not commonly seen in concrete and resin-based goods.

Nes concrete terrazzo table

Nes is named for the organic nest-like look of the pieces, but also as a tribute to Nestor Samycia.  Nestor, along with his brother Orest, started a concrete coating company back in 1956.  Nestor was also my grandfather.  As the third generation involved with concrete, I wanted to honor his problem solving and creativity.

Nes concrete terrazzo furniture collection

WantedDesign is a part of the NYCxDesign event held annually in New York.  WantedDesign provides a platform for new and emerging designers to participate in one of the largest design events in North America.

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