The Touch

Terrazzo Furniture Design

The Touch is a visualization of the connection between people and their environments. The soft organic shape touches the hard, manufactured terrazzo-like concrete with just the tip of the surface.

We should reach out and touch what is around us to develop a better connection with the underappreciated features in our lives. By touching these features, we can build better connections with one another. The Touch is a totem of urban construction and an authentic representation of a civilization united in the creation of a city. The concrete base of The Touch mirrors the concrete foundation of our urban skylines. Contrasting this is a form that is cast from resin and finished to a mirror polish; organic, yet refined.

The Touch Terrazzo Concrete Surface

The concrete is polished to a terrazzo appearance, displaying the inner beauty of the material. We sit behind our devices and only touch a screen or a mouse: scrolling, tapping, clicking, and experiencing the world through glass. We forget how to experience with our bodies. We forget what it is to touch.

The Touch Resin Surface

The Touch encourages users to view their surroundings in a different way by contrasting materials and the users’ expectations of them. More simply, the Touch reminds viewers to do exactly that: to touch, to be real. Touch what is different. Touch what we are unsure of. Create a conversation with the unknown to better understand one another.

The Touch Terrazzo Side Table

As seen recently at IDS Vancouver and shown on Design Milk.