Custom Concrete Brick
Custom Concrete Brick

Custom Concrete Brick

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Do you want to cast a memory in concrete?  The perfect wedding gift, housewarming present, or corporate award.  Have a baby's name on the front, birth weight and dimensions on the back.  Create a brick for your favorite city/town/hamlet.  Add a logo for your company.  The bricks can be made in a variety of colour ways.  Once you place an order, you will be contacted for the details, digital file (if any), and provided with a mock up (grey scale).

Bricks can be single sided (one side is blank and available for a plaque or just to remain blank) or double sided (same message on both or different messages).  You can also order the bricks blank in a specific colour and adhere your own plaques to them.

The bricks can also be polished into a terrazzo finish.

Lead time depends on the quantity requested, but typically this can be completed in two weeks.  Rush fees may apply for faster delivery dates.  Quantity discounts are available and discounts may be available if the requested style has previously been made.

Regular Sized: 8" W x 2.3" D x 3.6" H

Small Sized: 5" W x 2.3" D x 2.8" H

Please note that due to natural colour variation in concrete, bricks of the same colour may not match exactly. These bricks  are handmade with love, but they may have slight surface imperfections. The bricks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but the colour will fade if left outside exposed to the elements or in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.